Year Established: 2003

We Light Up The Night!

Turn the lights on with Sticky Electrician Service! We have the best electrician for your repair, installation, or upkeep. With our electrician service, you can choose the right options for you. This includes residential electricians, as well as commercial services, for businesses. You can be sure that you're getting a licensed electrician for every project. Call or click now!

Our Services

For new appliances or changes to your home, you need our electrical installation service. There's no better option for your electric panel installation, light fixture installation, or outlet installation. Experiencing an emergency, or need a late-night electrical repair or power restoration? We have a 24 hour electrician waiting to take care of your wiring repair, light switch repair, or circuit breaker repair.

Business Hours

Service hours are: 24 hours a day. Open 7 days a week.

Service Area

With our electric company, the entire county can get help! Our offices are in Irving , Dallas County.